Digital Transformation in Education: Approaching Immigrant Teachers and Native Digital Students

The course aims to present and discuss how the digital transformation has become a strong influence on education.

The first module will cover the theme of digital culture in education to understand how teachers and students interact in this scenario and also the necessary competencies and skills to deal with digital technologies.

In the second module, some topics regarding the digital inclusion of teachers and students will be addressed, such as gamification, active methodologies and the Internet of Things.

In the third module, innovative digital technologies in education will be presented, including virtual teaching and learning environments, repositories of open educational resources, tools for online teaching and the influence of social and virtual networks in education.

The fourth and last module presents the final activity, which will consist in the sharing of innovative practices in education.

This course has 40 hours of interactive synchronous and asynchronous activities on Moodle.

It is promoted by PROEX/SINTER/SEAD/SEPLAN and by the Media and Knowledge Laboratory (LABMIDIA) at the School of Science, Technology and Health (CTS), Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) – Ararangu√° Campus.

40 hours


Application Period

Group A: 14 May to 29 May
Group B: 25 June to 10 July

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